Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Greenville rally, etc.




Don't know who your state senators or representatives are?
No problem!

Hi, this is Nelson Waller, the Mouth of the South that Came Forth from the North. Longtime political activist, commentator, editor. Expert on everything, as my ever modest business card puts it. Publicist for the South Carolina Conservative Action Council (POB 2265, Gaffney 29342).
The time has clearly come to start blogging our corner of the Southern cause (Carolinas, Georgia et al.), because the big event yesterday -- titled CONFEDERATE FLAG RALLY and LET US VOTE DEMONSTRATION -- was an explosion back into the fray for the defenders of the Confederate flag flying at the SC state house and related issues of bedrock timely truth.

"Our", above, means in this the case W.C., Alice "Dixie" Horky, myself and other stalwarts -- the basic crew for this rally project. As friends and compatriots we go back many years in the fight to save the good name of the South and our noble Confederate ancestors. The immediate crisis is of course the need to keep Satan's agents from succeeding in the NAACP's longtime goal of getting the C-Flag down off the Confederate Soldier's Monument in front of the state house and into the gutter.

In 2000, System operatives persuaded (or bribed) the legis-traitors to pull the flag down from the dome against the known wishes of voters. They now see Gov. Sanford in political jeopardy and are sharpening their knives for another assault on representative government via the Flag issue -- this is a known fact. Think what you will of Gov. Sanford, when every single Republican member of the S.C. House declares against him at once -- not a single Representative calling for him to finish out his term -- you should smell a rat.

If you live in SC, please contact your state senators and representatives and demand to know how they'll stand on the Confederate Flag issue the next time a bill or a push for removal comes up. It may be tomorrow, it may be when the new governor takes off ice in January, but it will come! If they tell you it's a dead issue, ask why the NAACP is still boycotting, the media occasionally still noising it up, and one SC legislator introducing a bill to remove it every day they're in session.

YESTERDAY, AUG. 29, 2009, We held a rally in the parking lot of the federal building in the center of downtown Greenville. It was a blast. About 120 people attended in all -- sure, not the hordes we got at the height of the crisis in Columbia, but a more than respectable start considering it's nine years since the legislative sellout and the communist media have everybody parroting the notion that the Flag a dead issue.

DEAD? Never! The enemies of civilization never rest. The Flag was their main cultural push for the 1990s. The NAACP (Noxious Abhorrent Asinine Commie Parasites) always said that no so so-called compromise would satisfy them, and this has proven the case since. WE THE PEOPLE certainly will never willingly see the good name of our Southern and Confederate ancestors "compromised" by hate factions, including those under the state house dome. A compromise with a pack of hungry wolves is simply getting a five-second reprieve being eaten while you try to outrun them. You can't compromise with hungry wolves -- or political factions that want you dead.

Thank God for the House and Senate members who voted correctly to keep the Flag on the dome..... but alas, they were the exceptions back then, a decade of ever-increasing PC propaganda ago.

The NAACP is thoroughly discredited -- morally and politically defunct -- but because of the deep corruption of institutions today, the media and the System at large treat NAACP big mouths as great prophets. Even sports teams, supposedly the essence of the American way of life, have gotten into the mud of anti-flag demagoguery. Most recently, the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) has professed to remove tournaments from Myrtle Beach to Raleigh and Greensboro, NC, because the C-flag still flies at the dome. That is insane enough, but they even had the hubris (and rank stupidity) to declare to all the world that what upsets them is that South Carolina isn't bowing to the will of the NAACP in this thing.

Thus, the NAACP gets to mau-mau the whole country -- or gets to appear to do so in the grand scheme of things hatched at Bilderberg and CFR meetings. The NAACP is one stupid little radical fringe group that would be out of business in a jiffy if the corporations and foundations decided to enter the real world and stop sponsoring genocidal hatred. (Yes, genocidal hatred -- that's what it's called.) YET the media are the NAACP's willing megaphone and free advertising agency -- and the politicians their handmaids. Sure, it takes decades or generations to fulfill the entire black-supremacist agenda. They've learned to cook the frog more slowly after so many miserable pell-mell failures in Russia, China, Cambodia et al. But that is exactly what they're doing.

Back to the rally: the media, the gliberals, the New York ethnic liberals funding the war on the South and others that count now know that we know that they know that the Cause is alive and it's not going to be any gravy train like they thought. To every one who came out to the event -- thanks and blessings. You are the ones with the vision, the passion to keep freedom and truth alive! You made time in your busy schedule for this outing -- don't be surprised if it makes a loud noise down through history.

You who knew about it and could have come but didn't, you missed a great time as well as a chance to send a crucial, life-and-death message to the System! But now the real work begins -- you, too, please, call the politicians! Call them at home or work if you have too, even during dinner time, but get the message through and please report back to us. e.g. email me at

I'm going to have to give up on giving any more than basic details because duty now calls in 10 directions at once. My group Grits and Harmony started off by singing the grand old hymn Fling Out the Banner, then When Johnny Comes Marching Home. I brought a word of welcome read my letter to an offending ACC chieftain (over ACC's Myrtle Beach chicanery) and we all sang Dixie. Other speakers were heard including Dean Allen and of course W.C. We explained the issues and exposed the frauds currently coming down on everyone's heads from the System and presently marched with colors blazing to Springwood Cemetery where a large quantity of C-flags were planted by Confederate Veterans' graves.

The Rev. Dr. Stan Craig, the upcountry's most vocal preacher on "controversial" preached briefly but meaningfully. We marched back -- this time through town, down Main, full of partying and shopping and slightly stunned yuppies. Directions were given to a restaurant and many went over to share a meal as is our Southern custom after events.

The phone calls are the main thing at this moment. Please make them!

I hope I've made our points clear. Are you laughing yet at my accusations of communism as the real agenda grinding against us 24/7/365? Behold the openly, proudly communist appointments of our illustrious President:

Glenn Beck: A Call to Action

Please..... we can't urge you strongly enough..... make those phone calls. And send us your contact info today for announcement of our future events. Contributions are urgently needed: yesterday's rally cost $thousand$ to produce.

South Carolina Conservative Action Council

Post Office Box 2265

Gaffney, SC 29342