Monday, August 27, 2012

The 9/1/12 rally in Greenville

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to a
Illegal Immigration

Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012 – 1:00 PM rain or shine
Federal Building
Church and Washington Streets, Greenville, SC
We are the same people that held the largest pro-borders rally in modern history. It was in front of Senator Lindsey Graham’s office in Greenville in 2006 in protest of the McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill.

We are now organizing a sidewalk demonstration at the same busy intersection (the Greenville Federal Building) for Sept. 1 in opposition to Obama’s refusal to enforce the current immigration laws of the United States. He has instructed Federal immigration agents to violate the law by enforcing the DREAM Act, which failed to pass both houses of Congress. It is not the law.

Come and learn the simple but effective things you can do to help. Grab a pile of copies of The Real News for your family, friends and neighbors. Bring friends and family – they are all affected by these problems. This is our opportunity to gain some much-needed anti-Obama publicity only two days before the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte in order to show that Barack is only pursuing his narrow left-wing agenda. It's up to you to make this rally a success. It's the last chance you will have to publicly make a difference before the election.

Free OBAMA BIN LYIN' bumper stickers will be available for all comers. Bring hand-painted poster board signs.

Attendance is free! Print newspaper sub is $10
Membership is just $25 (including print newspaper subscription
P.O. Box 2265, Gaffney, S.C. 29342
(864) 356-9966