Friday, January 21, 2011

Major event for February: COME RALLY FOR TRUTH in Columbia

The invitation as printed for distribution:


above: Columbia on February 17, 1865


Come to the S.C. Capitol! Help send a message to the Governor, legislature, media & citizens that WE REMEMBER -- and they need to

WHAT: a Rally in remembrance of the Union’s savage burning of Columbia

WHERE: north side of the South Carolina State House

Gervais and Main Streets, Columbia, S.C.

WHEN: 12 noon, Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011: THE 146th anniversary of the crime

We will proceed from the George Washington statue into the rotunda. All interested will meet for 10:30 AM dutch treat breakfast at the IHOP just west of the state house (1031 Assembly St.)

Are you ready for the NAACP to steal our new governor? It’s a done deal unless we join to really make ourselves heard for heritage, honor and historical truth.

The NAACP rallied Jan. 17 and called for removal of the Confederate flag, i.e. the trashing of the “compromise” that was supposed to pacify them. So, what has changed? Don’t they do so every year and meet with pure frustration? Maybe. What’s changed is two words: new governor.

Have you been wondering where Nikki Haley stands regarding Southern heritage? It’s hard to say so far. This from a Jan. 17 AP article, for instance: “During last year's campaign, Gov. Nikki Haley, along with most gubernatorial candidates, said she didn't plan on revisiting the issue. There's not enough support for moving it to bring a healthy debate, she said.”

Is that a no -- or green light to prepare such “debate”? It certainly wouldn’t hurt for somebody to remind Gov. Haley that it wasn’t the NAACP or left-wing media that voted her into office.

We are not in a hurry to condemn her, but we wonder about the nods to PC in her inaugural speech such as “The horrors of slavery and discrimination need not be retold here. They too remain a part of our history and a part of the fabric of our lives.” What about the horrors of the attempted destruction of the entire South 150 years ago and the very real discrimination and bigotry it has endured ever since? Where is mention of them in today’s political discourse?

We hope to work with Gov. Haley. Your support of this effort is invited. Southern movement leaders need to get a group appointment with Ms Haley soon. Let’s do it – this event will be a perfect time to plan it. It will also be a “Keep it Flying” demonstration. The C-Flag must remain on the Soldier’s Monument because the whole South suffered the horrors of the War, not just the soldiers! The NAACP and other “liberals” must get this through their heads.

PLEASE COME. Start SPREADING THE WORD ABOUT THE RALLY TODAY. SEE YOU THERE! Bring your organizational banner and grab all the glory you want. Let’s just get it done.

“The city is built entirely of wood and is in the most excellent condition to burn. The space on fire by midnight had housed thirty-five thousand people. The flames rolled and heaved like waves of the ocean. The scene is splendid, magnificently grand; the scene of pillaging, the suffering and terror of the citizens and of our frantic and drunken soldiers.”

~ Thomas Ward Osborn, The Fiery Trail: A Union Officer's Account

of Sherman's Last Campaigns



P.O. Box 2265, Gaffney, S.C. 29342

(980) 329-8339

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