Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Activists have rights -- what DO you know

We all have rights by dint of being born. But government regards these as privileges that exist at politicians' whim. A win like this is good to see:
Court Rules Antiwar Activists Can Sue Government Spies

"A federal appeals court involving antiwar activists," it says, "who were secretly infiltrated by US military spies has ruled in favor of the activists, marking the first time a court has endorsed the people’s ability to sue the military for violating their First and Fourth Amendment rights." Let's hope it "takes" and that this is not just another court giving us, the people,* a consolation prize to stomp to pieces in the final judgment on a case.

They like to do that. Were any of you there for one or more of Dr. John Cobin's divorce proceedings? They gave him a concession here and there and one judge even told him he was doing a good job of defending himself pro se. But in the end, the opposition's lawyers got the nod.

Notable in this article is the mention of a "fusion center". These are the disturbingly Orwellian places where all government bodies are being blended into one -- or to put it another way, checks and balances are ground up and used for mulch outside. The infiltrator in this case was sent out from one of them and the anti-war stalwarts have decided to call him on it. That is great -- let's hope that in addition to studying up on the evils of the welfare-warfare state, they've been boning up on their rights and how to defend them in court, even if they hire a lawyer.

Fusion centers should scare anybody. You know, like "multi-jurisdictional task forces", in other words shock troops which are given carte blanche to invade any home, ruin any life in the supposed name of fighting "terror".


* or as most people would misput it, "giving we the people".


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