Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The rally was a smash success. I tried to send this collection of findings out but Charter wouldn't let me -- it definitely, positively censors political mail.


"Protest Against Amnesty, Greenville, SC Aug 23rd, 2014" 

WSPA/CBS/7's 28 seconds: 
Greenville News: 
Fox article: 
Fox video: 
I find nothing from WYFF/NBC/4 or WLOS/ABC/13.  

Other coverage and relinking -- alpha: 
cbs charleston = 
cbs charlotte 

It got lots of notice beforehand -- alpha: 
columbia cbs = vague but good mention: 

Not our event but also of interest: 
"The event was sponsored by a black conservative group, but the roughly 150 people attending Saturday's rally were white" = 2010 = 

Other rallies of ours -- WYFF after-protest almost got more links than anything:,1012676 = “The South Carolina CofCC held a rally opposing amnesty for illegal aliens with over 1,000 in Greenville, SC on April 29, 2006, the largest such rally in the nation . After WYFF NBC Greenville falsely reported that only "dozens attended," the SC CofCC demonstrated in front of their station with about 125 people. ” 
cushman piece = 

Great events calendar: 

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