Friday, July 10, 2015


Notice was sent to Confederate flag supporters earlier this week that we would hold a pro-flag rally tomorrow if the legislators voted right. They didn't, so there will be no rally.

A great deal more than the flag at the Soldiers Monument is being lowered today. Because of the politicians' latest flag sellout in Columbia -- notably extreme-liberal Republicans like the lying, cheating so-called governor -- Southerners unbowed by political correctness are going to be shot at and have rocks thrown through their windows, as has happen during this entire nontroversy. And that is not even the beginning of the beginning. 

If they'll obliterate our culture, they'll obliterate yours too if it suits their Hegelian, Bernaysian agenda. Whoever you are and whatever your persuasion, this bell tolls for thee. Don't doubt it!


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  1. When/if it finally dawns upon
    you good Caucasian people of
    SC that there is no way
    we can pray or vote our
    way out of this mess,
    please do get in touch.
    I can be found here:

    Wade Hampton III