Sunday, February 28, 2016

Great coverage is ours from Columbia

The very liberal Young Turks TV program has given generous, reasonable coverage to our 2016 Burning of Columbia event and posted four minutes of interview footage with our members! It is imperative that we make it easy for people to find the report, support and disseminate it. Our brand-new associated site CONSERVATIVEACTIONREPORT.BLOGSPOT.COM barely makes any Google search results. Here is the information just posted there -- please broadcast it far and wide!

THANK YOU. Quoting:

You have reached the one and only website of the Conservative Action Report, the completely independent professional print newspaper recently covered in Yahoo News and The Young Turks broadcasts. 

You have heard our message in these and numerous other mainstream news accounts as our people have taken public stands against politically correct dictatorship and many individual issues. Or maybe you've received a copy of the Report on your doorstep and found the paper picks up where the "mainstream" media leave off. Join us in the fight for truth! 

Order a subscription and multiple copies for your friends and family. Tell the world there's a real newspaper here in the Palmetto State that finally gives the people a voice -- but of course we cover the state, national and world beat like nobody else as well. 

The Report urgently needs wider coverage and impact. Send copies to your politicians and demand they start doing what we, the people want for a change! DONATIONS are urgently needed because our expenses are never-ending. 

We apologize if you were looking for an actual full-color independent web presence. With your help we can achieve that and much, much more for the cause of truth and liberty!


SUBSCRIPTION: $12 for six issues

BULK ORDERS: $6 for 25 copies; $10 for 50; $18 for 100 postpaid. 

P.O. Box 486, Bowling Green, S.C. 29703

Trust only this site for the Report -- 
all info here matches that in the paper itself!

Our sister organization is the South Carolina Conservative Action Council.
Follow its news at


THANK YOU. Nelson Waller, Associate Editor


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