Friday, October 24, 2014

A short history of presidential villainy against gold

No, it's not just FDR's massive chicanery and profiteering on gold owned by citizens. It's not only the U.S. Treasury giving back other countries' gold in the form of tungsten bricks painted to look like it. There's more, much more than that -- some of it perhaps involving a favorite president of yours.
Gold Seizure: Here's how it could happen and what you can do about it

Maybe you'll be as intrigued as I to learn that as far as the fedgov's concerned -- in its own favor, natch -- gold's official price is still $42.22 per ounce from when Nixon raised it to that in 1971.

It's not so much what these Cheat Executives have done against citizens prosperity with this stuff, but also how they use the tyrant's last resort, claims of emergency, danger, war, to justify it and to steal more of our rights of privacy and independence from their own august selves. No doubt it would be considered socially improper to point out that these same politicians work around the clock to cause and maintain the crises (real or imagined) by which they've led us to this miserable and degraded point.

What they've done to national security with their 9/11 theatrics, they'd already been doing to citizens' financial security for 60 years via these means.

How can you tell when a politician's lying? His lips are moving. Ha ha, real funny joke.


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