Tuesday, October 28, 2014

God bless them! God help us.....

Northeast Loses 40% Of House Seats As People Flee High-Tax States 

We must congratulate these people on having the sense to flee the high-dollar yankee worker's paradise. And then we must ask them......

Do you have any idea why taxes are so high where you came from?

Do you realize that both political parties are big spenders -- at the state level as well as elsewhere? 

Will you kindly not vote Democratic down here (if you feel you must vote at all), push for taxpayer-funded do-gooder projects and new sports complexes, or otherwise imprint on Dixie the depraved yankee values you've escaped with your life from? 

If I were a cynic, I'd tell them "We're happy to have you Northern retirees here with your generous pensions and benefits, but please don't bring your brats or grand-brats and we'll all get along right tolerably."

Thank God I'm not a cynic, right?  


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